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Norwegian soul artist & songwriter Myrna Braza, with roots from The Philippines, recorded her first self written song when she was 12, and has been performing since the age of 7. She emerged on the Norwegian pop charts in the early 2000s, singing the chorus on the rap group Spetakkel´s hit song "Kem Råkkar". 

In the coming years MYRNA was featured on several albums and single releases while working on her own music, performing at clubs, events, and festivals in Norway like Quartfestivalen and ByLarm, and TV shows such as Beat for Beat and Lydverket, and continued developing her sound and style.

Finally, in 2009 she released her debut album "Free As A Bird" through her own record label "tomtom&Myrna", with a blend of pop, soul, jazz and r&b, and was quickly recognized as "Bergen´s Queen of Soul".

She spent the next years touring in Norway, performing at festivals such as Nattjazz, Rock n Lol and Lost Weekend, writing new songs and managing her own career.

In 2013 MYRNA released the EP "Moments" and added a little funk to the mix. She spent the next 2 years promoting the EP touring in Norway, London and The Philippines, had a lead role in a theater musical and released new music videos and Christmas singles, receiving reviews from the UK and the US such as "timeless and soulful, a sound that is instantly likeable" and "a beautiful, strong voice and infectious bubbly onstage persona".

In 2016 MYRNA released her sophomore album "Story Of I", with songs designed for the dance floor to deep ballads. On this album she serves us with her soulful sound now known as neo-soul, including years of experience from songwriting and performances.

Story Of I has received great reviews spanning from Norway to the US;

"...Myrna must be one of Norway´s biggest musical natural talents", "...the album is not just about catchy tunes and synthesized beats but about superbly performed vocals with perfect accompanying arrangements" and "...MYRNA’s voice is perfection, along with her spunky attitude and overflowing charisma....". 

MYRNA is now more than ever being recognized as one of Norways best soul singers, and spends most of her time performing at clubs, events and festivals.

The last 2 years have been highlighted with concerts at Norwegian festivals such as Skånevik Blues, Osfest, Bergen Live Sessions, Lysfesten, Hansadagene, Tysnesfest, 2017 Road World Championship, Balejazz and more! She was also featured in YLVIS´ music video "A cappella", which was one of the most viewed videos on YouTube in Norway in 2016.

"This woman oozes talent and is horribly underrated. She’s putting out quality music with great vocals and production that deserves recognition. I reckon she is heavily penalized by being based in a Northern European country. I would normally tell you to grab the single, but my advice is to get the entire album to lock on to the flow of her shine!" - TunedLoud, 2016

Thanks, Tunedloud, we love you!! 

And although there is a world out there yet to hear her music, MYRNA is one of the few independent artists in the country that is managing her own career, from booking gigs to releasing music, and able to make a living out of it ! Her aim is not fame, but what most true artists aim for, namely recognition as an artist/songwriter and having a long and sustainable career doing what she loves the most. MYRNA is like a modern day Confucius; "Choose a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life".

For updates on new music, feel free to follow MYRNA on Spotify and like her Facebook page! Leave her a comment and she is sure to reply too, simply because she loves her fans.

Stay tuned in 2018 as NEW music is coming your way soon!

"This infectious funky feel-good disco groove, together with her bright sparkling vocals, makes Myrna one of Scandinavia’s
biggest Soul sisters!"

                                                             - The Dutch Guy, 2016

Photo by:
Liselinn Woll Sigvaldsen
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